Good Oral Hygiene: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Posted on December 8, 2010


In many ways we are  bombarded by so much  information that we become numb to novice ideas on how to improve our health. The link between gum disease and other systemic diseases continues to develop as researchers discover biochemical markers in and throughout the biospectum of the human body.

So when I write and strongly suggest to you that brushing twice daily, flossing daily and making it a habit to get your teeth cleaned at least twice a year could save your life you probably won’t believe me. You are more than likely thinking this is just another gimmick to get my money. Yes money is a motivating factor and frankly I am frustrated at the amount of misappropriated dollars being spent unnecessarily, but the truth is I make more money on providing emergency care, when patients will spend thousands of dollars just to be out of pain.

Trying to get people to take good care of themselves has proven to be a daunting task. Nevertheless during the holiday season when our teeth get much use from gatherings of family and friends where food is the center of attention, fundamental good hygiene practices can help keep you and your wallet protected.

First be sure you are brushing your teeth correctly. Here is a quick video detailing how to brush correctly.

Second know the correct way to floss in order to limit the amount of bacteria that is able to accumulate in your mouth due to left over food particles. Here is a quick video showing you the correct way to floss your teeth.

Using these quick and easy tips, you can save yourself not only money for emergency care, but also maintain good oral health.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy Prosperous New Year!