We are ADA Certified!

Posted on December 28, 2010


Dentist Poindexter

Here is just another great reason for you to become a patient at Poindexter Dental! We are ADA Certified and Accessible!

We are also in a great location. Our building is located on the corner of Cullen Boulevard and Edfield with parking lots accessible for most handicap vehicles. Also, our entrance is wheel chair accessible along with two ramps, one on the North side of the building and the other on the South side of the building, leading up to our large waiting area. Our treatment suites are also handicap accessible and they have the ability to be private or semi-private.

Patients who are hospitalized or plegic can also receive dental care! These patients can be brought in on a gurney and taken into one of our treatment suites, where the dental chair is removed and your dental procedures are performed, these types of treatments need to be made in advance. I addition patients can, in many instances, go unassisted and seat themselves in our dental chairs, if the patient does need assistance our staff is there to help!