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Getting Rid Of Headaches…What If Pills Aren’t Working Anymore?

September 23, 2011


Headache pain (cephalalgia) ranges from mild to severe and can be short term (acute) or long term (chronic). When talking about your pain, it’s important to know how to describe it so that your doctor gets a clear picture of your experience. Be sure to describe your pain in terms of time (duration) and intensity/severity. […]

Medicaid Budget Cuts Are Affecting Our Children

September 14, 2011


Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas legislature have decided cut Medicaid by 1%. As a result, many children can expect to have a harder time receiving access to dental care. Doctors that were previously able to perform services at a discount may not be able to perform these services any longer. Originally Medicaid reimbursed on […]

Parntnering with Others: Dr. Anna M. Munné

September 1, 2011


  While we are a comprehensive practice, on occasion there are still cases that come in, that are beyond the scope of what we do. When difficult cases like these arise I have a safety net of quality providers that I can confidently refer a patient to. Today I had the pleasure of being visited […]