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Washington D.C.: Through a Child’s Eyes

August 3, 2011


Last week I attended the 98th annual National Association of Dentists convention in Baltimore and I also decided to use the opportunity to also enjoy a family vacation. In addition to a tour of the White House, we were granted the opportunity to sit in on a Congressional session. The following is a part of the […]

Poindexter Lives: “No Act Goes Unnoticed”

June 29, 2011


With a practice that has endured for over 55 years, many people are surprised when I tell them that although I have since taken over,  Dr. Poindexter Jr., my father, is still with us. While failing health no longer allows him to be active in the office, his influence is far reaching. We recently received a […]

Michelle Winslett: Long Drive to Solace

June 15, 2011


Prior to his retirement, my father Dr. Poindexter Jr. was renowned for the level of care and commitment that he delivered to his patients. While courtesies like house calls have gone from the norm to quaint, in continuing the practice I have also sought to continue the same level of care. While services like emergency appointments and flexible […]

Triba DeBose: Before & After

June 14, 2011


While traditional methods like orthdontics are needed for some, for others, cosmetic dentistry is a fast and efficient option to enhance a smile. Take a look at some work that I completed for a patient this morning. An example of porcelain crowns: [Before]             Here are the results. Porcelain crowns: [After]   […]

Cecilia M. Smith: Putting A Smile With a Name

May 16, 2011


 “Hi! My name is Cecilia! I am the electronic presence of the Poindexter Dental Inc. brand!” If you are new to any of our social networks I would like to extend a welcome to you. I know that this is a phrase that is probably familiar to you, however social networks may assist in introducing […]

Angel Brent Rhodes: “Duty Calls”

May 9, 2011


While one is more liable to be rushed to the emergency room for a traumatic event than for a toothache, anybody who has ever had the displeasure of suffering through the pain of one can attest that it is indeed an emergency. Unfortunately, finding a dentist at 1 am on a Sunday night is not always feasible. […]

Latasha Toliver- “I Highly Recommend Poindexter Dental”

March 29, 2011


I arrived at Dr. Poindexter’s office with my son for a root canal and to have his wisdom teeth removed. At 7 am I was graciously greeted by Dr. Poindexter’s staff. My son was nervous about the procedure, however, Dr. Poindexter reassured him that he would be in good hands. The staff supported him while […]