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Have a Chipped Tooth? There’s a Simple Fix Available.

July 13, 2017


Dear Friends, If your smile has an imperfection you’ve always wanted to fix, Poindexter Dental may have an easy solution for you called cosmetic bonding. In fact, you may already be familiar with the bonding process and the materials used if you’ve had a cavity repaired using a tooth colored filling. The same material is […]

7 Oral Health Concerns for Those Over 50

June 29, 2017


When they say “age is all in your head,” they’re probably right. But then, your teeth ARE in your head — so you likely can’t escape having to pay a little more attention to them after 50. Although some oral health concerns are fairly common at that age, if you adopt a proactive mindset and […]

Intermittent Tooth Pain and Cracked Tooth Syndrome

June 21, 2017


Did you know that the third leading cause of tooth loss is a cracked tooth? Why are they so common? Cracked teeth are one of the main reasons people have a dental emergency. No fun! Because teeth are lasting longer, there has been an increase in the incidence of cracked teeth in the last decade. […]

Beautiful SMILE, Beautiful You

June 2, 2017


Dear Friends, Did you know that you can painlessly transform the size, shape, color and strength of your teeth with Veneers? Lumineers are an ultra-thin, ultra-comfortable, and ultra-simple form of dental veneer that is applied seamlessly over your teeth for a bright, beautiful, natural looking smile.  It is the brand of Veneers that is most […]

Vision for 2017!

May 30, 2017


Dear Friends,  The time for graduation is upon us and I want to share my vision for the class of 2017. I see their future as very brightly lit with growth in the fields of Communications, Robotics, Space Exploration, Medicine, Healthcare, Wind Technology, Solar Technology and Computer Technologies, and Beyond.       My suggestion […]

7 New Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

May 18, 2017


Poindexter Dental has always recommended in order to prevent gum disease you need a solid oral care regime: brush twice a day, floss at night and use mouthwash. Now, let’s step away from that simple 3-step plan for this month to share with you a few other things you might not have known when it comes […]

Defending Yourself Against Cyberattacks!

May 16, 2017


Dear Friends,  Once again ransomware and cyber-security are in the news. A worldwide attack by a virus called “WannaCry” hit over 200,000 users in 15o countries this weekend. KHOU Channel 11 covered this attack and brought Poindexter Dental back in the News. It was December 2016 when Poindexter Dental was the victim of a ransom ware […]